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From: Tony Sheh (sheh_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-11-12 19:07:44

Hi all,

i'm pretty new to boost and ublas but i'm trying to integrate the
boost::numeric::ublas::vector into a group simulation code.

Mainly we are concerned with cartesian vectors so i have designed a
class, BoostVector, that uses a vector<gfloat,
boost::numeric::ublas::bounded_array<double, 3> > for storage/
manipulation. I'm also using the operators.hpp to generate operations
between BoostVector objects that call operations defined by the ublas

the error i get is when i attempt to perform a subtraction between
two BoostVector objects. One vector has size 3, as expected, the
other has size 86. I dont' understand how the second vector can even
be resized to 86 given that i'm using bounded_array..... this vector
is involved in matrix multiplication with 3x3 matrices...... so i'm
at a loss to explain the size...

i should note that right before the error the value of the size 86
vector may be anomalous, i.e. on the order of e-386..... this may
represent an error or just machine precision issues...