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From: Tsai Dung-Bang (dbtsai_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-11-15 03:39:12

Dear all

Recently, I have studied some quantum computer gate problem using this
library for performing matrix operating, and it works greatly. I feel
it's very easy to use, fast, and the code is very clean. So I have
implemented some library by myself such as matrix exponentialwhich is
the most import part for solving Schrodinger eq.

First, I'm newbie to this library, but why when this library perform a
complex vector inner product, it will simply multiply them without
conjugate first vector first?

A = 3 + 4i

C = inner_prod(A,A) = -5 + 24i in glas library.
but it should be C = 25

Second, I know this library has atlas building, but it's possible for
writing a self-contain QR-decomposition template, etc. , then we could
take the advantage of template such that we are free of certainly
float type.

Third, as a newbie, I would like to contribute to this library, what
could I do at beginning?


Tsai Dung-Bang

Nation Taiwan University, Department of Physics.