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From: dariomt_at_[hidden]
Date: 2007-11-22 05:23:59

Anyone can explain a bit about permutation_matrix class in lu.hpp, please. I
assume that it stores value i at position i.

Current version has an inconvenience: I would need a resize() method to
reuse (when possible) the underlying memory of its vector base class.

Maybe a a simpler (minimalistic) approach can be used:

template <typename T = std::size_t>
class permutation_matrix
    permutation_matrix(T size) : m_size(size) {}
    T operator() (T i) const {return i;} // check size in debug mode
    T size() const {return m_size();}
    T m_size;

As only const operator() is used, there is no need to actually store data i
at position i, right?