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From: Ryan Budney (rybu_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-11-27 01:40:46

> I am a new user of boost and am trying to do a product of two matrices.
> The elements inside the matrices are not int/double but are objects of a
> structure 'myType'. I have added definitions for the required operator
> overloading functions.

Hi Ashima,

It sounds like your problem is very similar to my own (see the post before
yours in the ublas mailing list with "no subject").

My guess is that ublas requires a very particular class in its base number
ring template (the thing called T in the header, and in the documentation
here: I
further guess that if your class falls short the compiler will give you no
end of not very to the point grief...

Unfortunately, the ublas code uses a bit too sophisticated template voodoo
for me to see what it wants as the requirements on T do not seem to be

-Ryan Budney