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From: Jeremy Conlin (jeremit0_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-05-30 15:48:56

I have made a start with creating the bindings for the HSEQR functions for
LAPACK. They are not complete; I was hoping someone could provide some
feedback and advice. Currently I have implemented only one (double) of the
four (float, double, complex<float>, complex<double>) versions. I have
tried to follow the example in the geev.hpp file for much of my work.
My current problem is trying to differentiate between the different types
(e.g. double vs. complex<double>). I know this can be handled with
templates, but I'm not exactly sure how this should be taken care of. Can
someone look at my attempt and either tell me to give up or how to proceed?

I have attached a diff file from my version to the current svn version as
well as my added hseqr.hpp file and a simple test main.

Jeremy Conlin