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From: Andreas Klöckner (lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-08-16 08:03:54

On Freitag 15 August 2008, Jesse Perla wrote:
> I am confused about the right place to point cvs to get the latest for
> boost::bindings? The web mentions a variety of places and snapshots and
> the sandbox

Depends on how cooked you like your software. There's the 'official' svn that
Thomas is maintaining. It doesn't have all the latest stuff, but what gets in
there has seen some measure of review and/or testing. Further, there's my
bindings repository where I collect random contributions off the list. My tree
is generally a superset of Thomas's, and I periodically sync mine with his. In
summary, if you want the absolutely latest or if you prefer packaged tarballs
(or git archives) with install scripts, use mine. I should add that Thomas is
nowadays rapidly merging stuff from my tree, so, eventually, my tree may
revert to its original purpose, namely being only for nice packaging.