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From: manik.s.m_at_[hidden]
Date: 2008-08-27 04:36:46

Code ensures size matching
the matrix that I have created is a standard matrix, due to the
algorithm involved in its calculation it so turns out that it is
Now I want L factor for this matrix from cholesky. therefore potrf is used
and triangular_adaptor is used to make the resultant symm_ada (see
'sal' in code) Lower triangular.

But what i get from
 triangular_adaptor<matrix<double>,lower> tal(matrix<double>(sal));
is an adaptor , I on the other hand need a Lower triangular matrix,
to perform prod()
I dont want to write a for loop and do this manually,
I am sure there must ber a way of using this triangular adaptor in
place of matrix itself.


> ok,
> so first of all you need to be sure of the sizes I mean your matrix.size2()
> == vector.size()
> then triangualr adaptor or any other adaptor aren't meant to be used this
> way (at least I guess). They are meant to make triangular matrixes or
> symmetric one behave as standard matrixes so i guess if you try to do
> prod(matrix, vector) it should work.
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