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Subject: Re: [ublas] How to solve systems of linear equations?
From: Rutger ter Borg (rutger_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-03-11 11:13:43

Jesse Perla wrote:

> Right now, the bindings are in active development, but with all due
> respect to all of you guys that do your damnedest to support ublas, it
> doesn't seem
> as active as eigen or MTL4, capable of exploiting SSE, etc..

I'm not defending ublas here, but as always, I am willing to shout something
... because I read the term SSE (which is perfectly supported by most
compilers since about a decade :-)).

Speaking of parallelism: there's another disruptive technology already there
and gaining footprint quickly: the GPU. Buy a couple of GPU boards, put them
in your desktop computer, and voila: as much numeric computing power as a
not too old supercomputer. (E.g., a couple of NVidia Tesla's).

Now, what do hardware vendors usually supply with their cool new stuff?
Right, BLAS (and/or LAPACK) implementations optimized for their platforms
(e.g., CUBLAS).

If GPU-only is not fancy enough for you, throw in a hybrid CPU+GPU LAPACK-
compatible implementation to saturate
both CPU(s) and GPU(s).

Clearly, I have a bias, but I'd say the bindings are the way to go :-). Oh,
and this would also me making the point that we need GPU-memory STL-
compatible allocators and make sure they work with uBLAS :-) (Gunter? :-))

Something else that would make my choice: my preference for implementing
linear algebra would be by means of imperative programming (not by means of
declarative programming). In addition, it should have clear separation of
containers and algorithms. I don't think there's much on the list in that
case, so I tend to resort to ublas (containers) + bindings (algorithms).

That's all for now :-),