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Subject: [ublas] multiarray subarray and matrix
From: Gianluigi Caddeo (ggigi78_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-03-29 09:37:14


Im searching for any example about multiarray subarray, but without

I would like generate a multiarray and assign to this array a default value;
after I would like to esxtract a subarray from the multiarray and assign
this to a matrix;

Something like this:

Multiarray myarray[4][6][3];

Subarray mysubarray[4][6];

for(j=0; j<dim;j++)
     mysubarray[4][6] = myarray[4][6][J];

a_matrix = mysubarray;

for(i=0; i<dim;i++)
  for(j=0; j<dim;j++)

a_matrix and a_vector are from ublas....

It is possible? is possible to do samething like this? Samebody could help

thanks a lot