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Subject: [ublas] ublas and nvidia cuda
From: Tim Odenthal (Tim.Odenthal_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-05-06 09:12:15


Has anybody out there already played around with the (relatively) new CUDA
Toolkit (
toolkit.html) and ublas? Does it support "enough" C++ to compile code which
uses ublases (sparse) matrix types? I gather there is a big issue with virtual

Does anybody have example code which uses ublas' types and runs on a GPGPU
(compiling with nvcc) ?

Are there (official) plans to exploit GPGPU computing power for LA with ublas?

Sorry for these very broad questions, but since these new fermi GPUs seem so
inexpensive, it could give my calculations a big "boost" (and for the weak

Thanks for any insights