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Subject: Re: [ublas] poll: what's your uBLAS I/O usage ?
From: Jesse Perla (jesseperla_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-05-29 09:40:38

David Bellot <david.bellot <at>> writes:
> - what is your normal use of uBLAS IO function ?
I only know about streaming to cout/etc.

> - would you prefer more flexibility with boost::serialization?
What is missing? (I am about to use it with boost::mpi and didn't realize there
were limitations).

> - would you like to be able to load/save from/to other formats(matlab)?
Everyone in my discipline matlab for all figures, statistics, etc. so this is
essential. I ended up writing a mediocre version of matlab
compatible ascii storage myself which I would love to throw out.

But keep in mind that what you really want for matlab is to be able to store
a bunch of named matrices/vectors in a single binary matlab file and load it
up all at once in matlab. I am not sure the right approach here, but some
kind of serialization makes sense to me with the ability to name the variable
 when you archive it. If something like this is implemented, it is important
to make it a little bit extensible so that scalars and boost::multi_array
could be stored as well (both are supported in the matlab file format).

See MATIO which has a
wrapper API for storing to the file format described here.

> - would you like to have more pretty printings ?
Yup, especially for matrices. Are there more

>- would you like to have dense optimized-to-the-extreme-very-compressed binary
I don't need it.