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Subject: [ublas] c_vector and stl algorithm
From: Dominic Amann (dominic_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-03-15 12:13:59

I am having an issue with the c_vector implementation, and I can't find
docs for it:

I have a type such that:

typedef ublas::c_vector<double, 3> XYZ_vector;

XZY_vector vec1;
XYZ_vector vec2;

copy(vec1, vec1 + 3, vec2);

does not work (operator + not defined for ublas::c_vector<T, N>).

Does this stem from:

a) my mistake (incorrect coding on my part)
b) c_vector is a bad choice for this algorithm,
c) c_vector should support this but doesn't?
d) something else entirely?

and is there an "approved" method of copying a c_vector?