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Subject: [ublas] size_type for mapped_matrix
From: Alex Hagen-Zanker (ahh34_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-04-13 05:08:10

Dear All,

I am using a mapped_matrix as a sparse matrix for a matrix with
dimensions 120 000 * 120 000. As this exceeds the limits of size_t I
thought to step away from the default template parameters and use:

     mapped_matrix<double, row_major, map_std<long long, double> > myMatrix

This does not solve my problem as the mapped_matrix::size_type is still
size_t. Looking at the ublas source code I see that
mapped_matrix::size_type boils down to std::map<long long,

It seems to me that this should be std::map<long long, double>::key_type

Is this a bug, or am I expecting too much?

Can I use one of the other sparse matrix types instead?

Thanks, Alex