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Subject: [ublas] Fwd: Serialization support
From: Ramaseshan Kannan (ltbuckling+ublas_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-05-03 13:11:07


New user here.

Firstly thanks for all the good work with ublas. I am evaluating it at the
moment and it's looking good, especially the support for other libraries
through bindings.

My questions:
1. Are the bindings in the sandbox ever going to go mainstream?
2. Dependence on the boost serialization library: At the moment there seems
to be a dependence on the serialization library, which means ublas is not
header only. I've had to comment out the relevant calls and references to
serialization in order to be able to use it. Is it worth having a
preprocessor definition to turn off serialization support for those who
don't want it?

Is there a library wishlist and TO-DO items visible on the web?


PS. For some reason my previous mail didn't go through, saying I wasn't "a
member". Any clues what I can do about it?