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Subject: [ublas] State of numeric::bindings
From: Andrea Sansottera (andrea.sansottera_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-11-16 09:12:41

Dear developers and users of BOOST,
for one of my projects, I wrote a class hierarchy for matrices and vectors
(based on the CRTP) and some BLAS/LAPACK wrapper routines. However, it only
makes sense to replace this code with uBLAS and numeric_bindings. While
uBLAS looks a mature and quite widely adopted library, the uncertainty
about numeric_bindings has hold me back from adopting this solution. Hence,
I would like to ask you what is the current state of numeric_bindings, i.e.
who are the maintainers, what are the known bugs/limitation, whether the
inclusion in BOOST is planned and what are the next steps in the
development of this library (one of them is certainly the documentation).
If I have the time, I can probably give a little help.