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Subject: [ublas] <Numeric Library Bindings for Boost> unresolved external symbol _dgeev referenced
From: Dhruv (bhattdh_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-10-04 13:52:14

Hi All,

I am trying to configure Numeric Library Bindings for Boost
UBlas( into my Visual
Studio 2008 environment.

I am able to include geev.h into my project from numeric binding.

I am using boost matrix to calculate eigenvalues/vectors.
I have downlaoded lapack.lib from
There are actually different option to download lapack library there:
-> Prebuilt static libraries using INTEL Compilers
-> Prebuilt dynamic libraries using Mingw

I am not sure which one to use so I tried all of them but no luck.
and added it to liners->input->additional dependencies in visual studio.
I already have boost configured and working in visual studio.

Bellow is the error I am getting. I get same error even if I remove lapack
library from linker.

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _dgeev referenced in function "int
__cdecl boost::numeric::bindings::lapack::detail::geev_backend(char const *,char
const *,int const *,double *,int const *,double *,double *,double *,int const
*,double *,int const *,double *,int const *)"

I am new to c++ and visual studio and not sure whats going wrong here.