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Subject: Re: [ublas] [BLAS bindings] help appreciated on using trmv and gbmv
From: Florent Teichteil (florent.teichteil_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-10-07 16:50:01

For those trying to compile my tests, I forgot to remove line 12 in
file I'm reattaching it.

2012/10/7 Florent Teichteil <florent.teichteil_at_[hidden]>:
>> Hello Florent,
>> thanks for all the testing! I would like to try your test cases, hunt down
>> potential bugs, and, if you agree, include the test cases in the testing
>> part of the bindings. Could you please provide your code as an attachment?
>> Thanks,
>> Rutger
> Hi Rutger,
> Thanks for your interest. You'll find my tests in the attached file
> as well as the output file testoutput.txt which I get when
> running it. I'm using Ubuntu with ATLAS backend.
> I would stress that there is in my opinion no other library like ublas
> and its bindings around there, that handles so many matrix formats and
> matrix storage options, and that we can bind to cblas compliant
> libraries and others. It's really a great job. The problem is that I'm
> using it in a large production code, so that I must say that I thought
> to move to another library (eigen for instance), but in fact they
> aren't much libraries like ublas that handle packed matrix formats
> like triangular_matrix and banded_matrix. For my needs, I dream that I
> could use proxies of triangular and banded (packed) matrices in
> conjunction with the blas bindings, but it seems that it is not
> possible for some technical reasons (I am not sure to understand why,
> because netlib's blas or atlas also handle packed triangular and
> banded matrices...).
> OK, but for the moment, it would be wonderful if binding functions
> like trmv and gbmv work properly with dense matrices and triangular
> and banded adaptors. (Perhaps they work properly, but I'm misusing
> them, see my attached test files).
> Cheers
> Florent