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Subject: Re: [ublas] [BLAS bindings] help appreciated on using trmv and gbmv
From: Florent Teichteil (florent.teichteil_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-10-10 08:51:03

> Of course, the bindings can assert for these cases, we can add the
> following support:
> * add static asserts on data_structure w.r.t. the routine called
> (i.e., BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT( (has_band_array<MatrixA>::..) )).
> has_band_array is already available.
> * add support for banded matrices in the bindings::trans() function
> * check if/when a stride_major_op() and related functions are required
> * test the above.

Ok, so I was not totally wrong after all...

> Unfortunately, I already spent valuable time on debugging your code. If
> your code would have been correct to begin with, maybe I could have used
> that time for adding the items above.

Actually, I tried to be constructive and help you improve the bindings,
since I find them very interesting. I also spent valuable time on
searching information on the web about using the trmv and gbmv functions
of the bindings, but could not find anything (whereas they're available
for almost 3 years?). I guess I am stupid or perhaps just one the first
people who try to use these functions. I'm sorry guys, but because of
lack of time, I have to move to a more intuitive and less error-prone
library, for less intelligent people like me.

By the way, concerning the bugs. I coded the test file very quickly in
the night, since you seemed to need it as soon as possible to make
tests. I'm sorry about that.

> Cheers,
> Rutger