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Subject: Re: [ublas] GSOC 2013
From: Nasos Iliopoulos (nasos_i_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-03-23 09:39:59

I have been working on a generic stato-dynamic multi-dimensional array
that can enable something like what you propose. It uses C++11
functionality (variadic templates and functions mainly). Please take a
look at: and The
developement is slow-paced because I am working on it at the rare free
time I have on weekends.
I am currently thinking of how to implement an appropriate iterator that
would be SIMD friendly. In that context I am considering something
across the lines of the interface of OpenCL and CUDA. This would work
nicely with the C+11 new for loops as well.

If you think your proposal can build on top or even contribute to
mdsdarray, I can provide a version under a Boost or MIT license.


On 03/23/2013 08:47 AM, David Bellot wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I proposed a Google Summer of Code project for uBLAS.
> It's based on the wish listthat has been donesome time agoalong time ago.
> The main ideais to refactor vector into matrix to have only one
> internal and external representation, one set of algorithm. As a
> convenience, the class vector<> will still exist and will, for
> example, beby default a row-vector (like a simple C-array would be).Or
> a column-vector if we prefer but I think matlab is row-oriented by
> default (and I hate R which is column oriented, even if I use it every
> single day at work!!! :-D :-D ah ah ahah! Let the flame war begin).
> OK, the idea behind this is to have a clean framework to enable
> optimization based on SSE, Neon, multi-core, ... you name it.
> I'm sure the student who will work on that will take inspiration from
> boost::bindings, Eigen, Armadillo, etc...
> The project is very open, so suggestions are most welcome.
> Best,
> David
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