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Subject: [ublas] boost ublas
From: David Bellot (david.bellot_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-04-10 08:54:10

Hi Sathyam,

thanks for your candidature. I will consider it. So what I can propose to
you so far is to read about the projects we have for ublas and try to come
up with your ideas and a plan for that.

This week-end I will spend more time on that and try to help you to define
a good project so that we can be accepted by Google.

There is a lot to do on ublas, but if you're the student that's your
project. So feel free to tell me what would you please you the most to work
on. I'm open to everything.

Look at some of the ideas that have been proposed on the ublas mailing list
too and on the gsoc page of boost.