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Subject: [ublas] Google Summer of Code 2013: selected students
From: David Bellot (david.bellot_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-05-28 06:44:56

Dear ublas,

today, the results have been released to the world, and Boost has 7
students. The competition has been fierce and we are happy to announce
that 2 students have been selected for Boost.uBlas !

Congratulations because it was really hard. We received a lot of
projects and many of them were of high quality. In the end we had to
make a choice and hope for that choice to be validated by the Boost
community. We are the only library with 2 students !!!

So the 2 students are Sathyam and Lea, from India and France.
Lea will work on integrating ublas and MPI to give ublas cloud
computing capabilities.
Sathyam will work on integrating multi-core and vector capabilities into uBlas.

Indeed, I'm very glad this 2 projects have been selected because we
now want uBlas to go one step forward and be able to efficiently deal
with all levels of parallelism from the CPU to the network. That's the
goal of these 2 projects.

We had a lot of great proposals and I know some of you would love to
contribute to uBlas. You are most welcome of course and you can
propose as many patches as you want. Some of you already started so I
will encourage you even more to contribute.

Best regards,
David Bellot