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Subject: [ublas] Should/can I use GitHub to fix issue #7902 Division by scalar should use enable_if<>
From: Sean Reilly (campreilly_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-11-20 12:35:25


I was looking at Boost 1.57 and noticed that my old 7902 bug was still in

#7902: Bugs: Division by scalar should use enable_if<> (matrix_expression)
(new) <>
Bug #6511 added enable_if<> to file: vector_expression.hpp function:
operator/( vector, scalar). The same feature needs to be add to
matrix_expression's operator/( matrix, scalar). See attached e-mailBy
campreilly@… — 01/17/13 21:55:55

This error is almost exactly the same as a previous bug that has already
been fixed in vector_expression.hpp under issue 6511. But, I forgot to
mention matrix_expression.hpp in that bug, perhaps because I'm a

#6511: Bugs: Division by scalar should use enable_if<> (closed: fixed)
file: vector_expression.hpp lines 1409 through 1417 function: operator/(
vector, scalar) Should be using the enable_if<> macros just like the
operator*() in lines 1397 through 1407 (just above it). Doing so allows
further overloading ...By Sean Reilly <campreilly@…> — 02/01/12 15:38:09


It is a simple one line fix, but I haven't kept up with the updated
development and delivery process. Would you like me to fork GitHub, fix it,
and issue a pull request. Is that how we are handling these kinds of

Sean Reilly