Just to give you guys a head's up on what I am up to with this library:
I am currently working on a number of projects that will use ublas and the bindings in economics and bayesian econometrics.  I have a group of economist PHD students who I have convinced to use C++ instead of Fortran and we are collecting routines in a library that we will open source when we get our act together.

We have gone through the LAPACK routines that we need to call from our code for immediate projects with deadlines at the end of April/May (which I will add to our own regression tests before I do any updates from the trunk): 

So a few questions:
  • All of these seem to be generated by the bindings right now, I haven't tested all of them yet.
  • Do you think it is plausible to get those ones working fairly well in the next 3 weeks or so?
  • Do you think the interfaces for these ones will be fairly stable?
  • Within the bounds of my competence, anything I can do to help other than testing?