Hi Rutger,

Am 25.07.2010 um 16:15 schrieb Rutger ter Borg:

Kraus Philipp wrote:


Do I have forgot anything? I hope anyone can help me and send me a tip
or an idea.
Thanks a lot

Do you have an example of your code?  Are you using fortran_int_t?

This is a code snip that I call:

 ublas::matrix<T, ublas::column_major> l_matrix(p_matrix);

 ublas::matrix<T, ublas::column_major> l_eigvec(l_matrix.size1(), l_matrix.size2());

 ublas::vector<T> l_eigval(l_matrix.size1());


 ublas::vector<T> l_tmp1(l_eigval.size());
 ublas::matrix<T, ublas::column_major> l_tmp2(l_matrix.size1(),l_matrix.size2());
 ublas::matrix<T, ublas::column_major> l_tmp3(l_matrix.size1(),l_matrix.size2());


 linalg::geev( 'N', 'V', l_matrix, l_eigval,  l_tmp1,l_tmp2,  l_eigvec, linalg::optimal_workspace() );

with this namespaces
namespace ublas     = boost::numeric::ublas;
namespace blas      = boost::numeric::bindings::blas;
namespace linalg    = boost::numeric::bindings::lapack;

Is this enought information otherwise I would create tomorrow a full program.
The code excerpt ist part of a template class.