Hello uBLAS Contributors:

                                     I have applied to GSoC 2013 and pitched implementation of SVD factorization for uBLAS. In order to better prepare myself and to get my hands dirty at uBLAS, I ended up implementing QR Factorization employing Householder Reflections using uBLAS. This is only the first draft and will be needing significant improvement, e.g., computation of QR decomposition of 100 * 100 matrix takes around 30 seconds. But I guess just to get familiar with code base, it was a good exercise. Over the next week or two I will be trying to optimize the code.

                                     I will be absolutely grateful if contributors can have a quick glance at the code, and point me to any improvements they can suggest. Particularly in speeding up matrix multiplication.

I used Visual Studio 2010 to compile the code. I will try to get the code running on my Ubuntu machine in a couple of days hopefully.

Here the header file: https://github.com/salmanjavaid/QR_Decomposition/blob/master/QR_Header.hpp

The main file: https://github.com/salmanjavaid/QR_Decomposition/blob/master/Main.cpp

Best Regards,
Salman Javaid