Hi Rishabh,

I'm happy to see you're interested. We have plenty of potential projects for ublas and my policy is to let the student choose and provide his/her own ideas.

Please let me know what you're excited with and we can work on a project and submit it.
This year, I believe we will have again many proposals. My forecast is that we could have one slot for ublas if we're lucky. Last year we had 2, which is great but we can't expect to have so many every year.

Usually, I asked newcomers to demonstrate their C++ abilities and especially in manipulating templates which is a pre-requirement for working on ublas. The test is quite simple:
- write a vector library using expression templates and show its performance.


On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 1:31 PM, Rishabh Kumar <kris.kr296@gmail.com> wrote:

myself Rishabh Kumar .currently I am pursuing my masters in applied mathematics from iit roorkee. I have a firm knowledge of c++ and python. i would like to contribute to boost.ublas and aspire to be one of the students of gsoc 2014.To start with , i have been following your ideas page for quite some time and i found the linear algebra vision very tempting. i have started  working the library  . looking forward for a good discussion on the idea and guidance from the respective mentor.

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