I  merged your pull request into, but it seems that the unit test fails for sparse matrices. Before I start investigating it, do you have any ideas why?

Please note that I made some minor changes for debuging reasons in test_matrix_vector.cpp.


Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2013 17:36:32 +0200
Subject: Re: [ublas] Matrix with vector interface.

Hello all,

 I've been used the matrix row/column range successfully. Also, I've modified the code of Oswin and I've generalized a little:

- Added reverse iterators.
- Resize of matrix
  * From matrix_row facade the number of rows of the matrix could be changed but not the number of columns.
  * From matrix_column facade the number of columns of the matrix could be changed but not the number of rows. 

I would like to update the source code to ticked 7411 if there is no inconvenient for your part. I've followed the style of Oswin. Also, I've provided an executable but not tests cases, as Oswin did,

Joaquim Duran

2012/9/23 Gunter Winkler <>

Am Saturday 22 September 2012 schrieb Oswin Krause:
> Hi,
> Here is my slightly adapted version of the range. I didn't find the
> boost coding guidelines so i just tried to fit it to other ublas
> headers(with limited success). Since i am not breathing standardese,
> I am not sure whether i am 100% correct in every aspect.
> Out of standard reasons, the implementation using proxy objects like
> matrix_row does not lead to a random_access_iterator even though it
> meets all traversal requirements. So algorithms like
> random_shuffle(and sort(?)) will work in practice but overeager
> compilers as for example MSVC will complain in debug mode. A
> solution to this is lying about the iterator category, but since i
> am a honest person, i don't ;)
> the implementation comes with a short test case, but i can also add a
> bit more if required.


@Joaquim: does this solve your problem?


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