this is the state of develop:

I did an effort in the spring to clean up the the tests. As you can see the develop branch is pretty much done and there are no issues on intel and gcc compilers and hardly a few on mingw. clang should be ok with some exceptions that seem to fail without reason on darwin (on linux all clan compilers compile without failures).

What remains is probably not worth the time and in many cases it is because of issues with other boost libraries. See for example:

I still have to upload a checked_iterator fix for MSVC to clean some more tests. Unfortunately though with MSVC I am not sure if we will be able to go all green because of certain intricacies  with mapped containers.

I think David plans to incorporate those changes in the next release.


On 07/28/2014 06:07 PM, Matthew Musto wrote:
Hi guys,

I understand that ublas development did not align with the 1.56 release cycle and instead you are focused on making 1.57 a solid release. 

I was curious if I could get an estimate of when the development branch of boost would have a version of ublas which passes all of the regression tests.  Also, once that is the case, would I be able to merge the ublas directory into my existing 1.56 local copy?

Thanks much,

Matthew Musto

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