thanks Stefan. I somehow cannot push local commits to the remote. Are we supposed to fork from GSOC/UBLAS ?

Stefan, do we agree on my project proposal?
If yes, I would like to start designing the tensor and helper template classes.
I would choose the rank/order (number of dimensions), the dimensions and the layout to be runtime variables.
So the only two template parameters would be data type and the storage array type (unbounded/bounded array).


Stefan Seefeld via ublas <ublas@lists.boost.org> schrieb am Fr., 27. Apr. 2018, 16:25:

Hi all,

as we have three students working on Boost.uBLAS projects this summer, I think it would be useful to have some CI coverage to allow new code to be tested across platforms.

I'm thus going to set up some basic CI coverage (Travis-CI and AppVeyor) over the next couple of days. Once that's done, all the GSoC repos can rebase onto that and do whatever else is needed to use these services. I'll send a note once it's ready.



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