On 2018-04-29 03:36 PM, Cem Bassoy via ublas wrote:

thanks Stefan. I somehow cannot push local commits to the remote. Are we supposed to fork from GSOC/UBLAS ?
That would be redundant. I think you should push directly into the GSoC repo, and if you don't have write permission that's a bug we need to fix. (I don't have the admin rights to that repo to fix this myself. I suspect David can help with that, though.)

Stefan, do we agree on my project proposal?
If yes, I would like to start designing the tensor and helper template classes.
I would choose the rank/order (number of dimensions), the dimensions and the layout to be runtime variables.
So the only two template parameters would be data type and the storage array type (unbounded/bounded array).

The point that still needs elaboration is the relationship between the new and the existing code. You mentioned some possible refactoring that would make integration easier. Can you please outline what refactoring you have in mind ? We can then discuss the right timeframe to work on the refactoring PRs, and decide whether it's indeed best to work on your tensor code as something mostly independent of the existing ublas codebase or not.
As I mentioned, I'd still much favour the work being done in-tree rather than out-of-tree, but I'm ready to be convinced that that's not a good idea.


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