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You mentioned some possible refactoring that would make integration easier. Can you please outline what refactoring you

​Super open to refactoring of ublas.
Curious to know what you have in mind.

Yes, thx. In general I would have like to compare the current boost implementation with blaze and eigen.
I think there are several features or also neglect which we might add to uBLAS.

- Should we integrate smart expression templates? I think there was a gsoc project but I am not sure. What was the output?
- Are (smart) expression templates really required?
- How often do expressions like A = B*C + D*D - ... occur in numerical applications?
- Should we provide a fast gemm implementation of the Goto-Algorithm like in Eigen?

And regarding the code infrastructure:

- Do we need iterators within matrix and vector template classes? Or can we generalize the concepts?
- Can we maybe simplify/replace the projection function with overloaded brackets?

General questions:

- Shall we build uBLAS a high-performance library?
- Could it also be a convenient wrapper library with good interfaces to high-performance libraries such as OpenBLAS?


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