the 'extending ublas with tensor' project implementaion is now available at

My initial design of the tensor template class has three template parameters that determine the
  • data type and
  • layout type (first-order and last-order storage formats)
  • storage array type (now unbounded array).
It now has three private member variables:
  • the extents class
  • the strides class 
  • the data storage class
  • rank/order and
  • dimension extents
of a tensor are runtime variable.

If I am fast enough, I could try to implement one with a compile time extents. However, I would like to go with the runtime variable version first. Note that the implementation conforms with the matrix and vector versionso uBLAS. 

My approach is to develop test driven. So you can find and check the tensor implemenation with the corresponding unit tests. Also I try to update the html documentation.


P.S. Currently code coverage is not supported.