I would like to contribute to ublas.tensor library. I am a final year engineering student. I have implemented a sample header file "vec.h" which uses Templated class for creation of vector and matrix as specified in the Programming Competency test section of GSOC 2019 ideas. I have used operator overloading to carry out operations like matrix multiplication, addition, subtraction etc.
The output and time taken for each operation is printed in "output.txt" and the code in "main.cpp". 
Having read the code of headers provided in the link, I am finding it a little confusing writing my proposal as to which type of Tensor algorithms are needed. Can someone please mentor/elaborate and also give an example of an algorithm which can be implemented.
You can see my code here: https://github.com/gauravhoskote/codes/tree/master/gsoc2019/boost/numeric/ublas/tensor/competencytest
Gaurav Hoskote.