Hi David,

David Bellot via ublas <ublas@lists.boost.org> schrieb am Sa., 8. Juni 2019, 08:25:

I've got another funky question for the group:
what does it mean to make a push_back in ublas?

 think push_back does only make sense for vectors. I would prefer a free fuction such as 'cat' that can operate also on tensors. 

For a ublas::vector, it seems pretty obvious. For a matrix? Or a tensor?
If I decide to represent all the vectors as matrices now, they become row and column vectors then.

Should I expect the same effect on doing a push_back to a row vector and a column vector?

In general, could we make ublas STL compatible in general (means vector/matrix/tensor are STL compatible)?
Does my question even make sense?

Makes totally sense. I have already sth prepared. We can do it very generic.

It's a open problem... I'm looking forward reading your comments.

Thanks David.

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