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Subject: [Boost-announce] BoostCon 2010 preliminary program
From: Hartmut Kaiser (hartmut.kaiser_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-02-01 14:17:17

Hey all,

please find below a list of accepted submissions to BoostCon 2010. A
tentative, fully scheduled program will be available soon.

The keynote will be held by Maurice Herlihy. Maurice Herlihy is a computer
scientist active in the field of multiprocessor synchronization. Herlihy has
contributed to the design of concurrent algorithms, and in particular to the
exposition and quantification of the properties and uses of hardware
synchronization operations. He is currently (2009) a professor of computer
science at Brown University and one of the leading visionaries in the field
of transactional memory.

Following up on this keynote we will have a full day sessions and panel
discussion where we plan for 4 different groups to talk about their work on
transactional memory (Mark Moir (Sun), Tatiana Shpeisman (Intel), Michael
Wong (IBM), Vicente Botet (TBoost.STM))

In addition we have a high quality, distinctive, fully packed, and very
diverse list of accepted talks:

João P. R. Abecasis:
    Cross-platform development with Qt and Boost
Ruediger Berlich:
    Distributed parametric optimization with the Geneva library
Dean Michael Berris:
    Techniques in Flexible Header-Only C++ Network Library
Michael Caisse:
    Using Spirit 2.1: Qi and Karma
    An Asio Based Flash XML Server
Marshall Clow:
    A (proposed) MIME library for Boost
Tony Van Eerd:
    The Basics of Lock-free Programming
Joel Falcou and Jean-Thierry Lapresté:
    The Numerical Template Toolbox: BOOST'ed Generic Array
       Library for High Performance Computing
Joachim Faulhaber:
    Boost.Alabaster (proposed): A Law Based Tester
Barend Gehrels, Bruno Lalande and Mateusz Loskot:
    Generic Programming for Geometry
Justin Gottschlich:
    TBoost.STM's Engine: An Efficient Software Transactional Memory
      Using Commit-Time Invalidatio
Douglas Gregor:
    Clang: An Open-Source C++ Compiler Library
    C++ Tool-Builders Workshop
Christophe Henry:
    Tutorial: The Meta State Machine Library V2
Ken Joyner:
    Revisiting Guidelines to Using Exceptions in C++
Hartmut Kaiser and Joel de Guzman:
    RAD Spirit
    Spirit History and Evolution
Zachary Laine and Matt Calabrese:
    Instantiations Must Go!
Stephan Lavavej:
    Data Structure Visualizers in Visual Studio 2010
Nevin Liber:
    Type Erasure
Eric Niebler:
    Practical DSEL Design with Proto
Roshan Naik:
    Logic Paradigm for C++
Stjepan Rajko:
    Patterns Library: a generic library for modeling, recognition,
       and synthesis of sequential patterns
Gennadiy Rozental:
    Production use of Boost.Test
David Sankel:
    Functional Programming in C++
Jeremy Siek:
    Generic Programming and the Boost Graph Library
Robert Ramey:
    Is Boost Broken?
Michael Wong:
    C++0x Update
    C++0x Concurrency

We believe this program is reason enough to come to BoostCon this year
(Aspen, CO, USA, May 10-14th)!

For registration, accommodation, and more information please visit the
conference website at
Please note the reduced early registration fee!

Regards Hartmut
Program Chair BoostCon 2010

Meet me at BoostCon

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