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Subject: [Boost-announce] [Review] Phoenix V3: review results
From: Hartmut Kaiser (hartmut.kaiser_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-03-09 08:36:38


The review of Phoenix V3 ended on March 2nd. We've got quite some
discussion, even if we hoped for more. Overall, 3 people have confirmed that
the Phoenix rewrite addresses all issues raised during the original review
back in 2008. Nobody raised any concerns or serious issues.

So here is the result of the mini-review: Boost.Phoenix is ready to be moved
to the Boost SVN trunk!

All other discussions were about minor inconsistencies, which Thomas has
already fixed by now. There are a couple of suggestions related to the
documentation, which he agreed to address as soon as possible:

1) The Phoenix documentation should have a "What's New" section
2) Compile time is often a concern with libraries that make heavy use of
expression templates. Adding a compile time test would be ideal. This should
be easily invoked and results from various compilers reported within the

The only thing, which needs to be decided (and which has not been discussed
yet) is how the migration from Boost.Bind, Boost.Lambda, and Phoenix V2 has
to be organized, ensuring minimal disruption for the users of those
libraries. I see several possible ways of doing so, but would like to open
up the discussion. Any suggestions and comments are welcome. With high
likelihood this migration process will be implemented using forwarding
headers. Therefore, this point has not to be resolved before moving the main
code base to trunk. On the other hand, this migration strategy needs to be
in place before merging to the release branch.


This mini-review wraps up the review process of Boost.Phoenix.
Congratulations to Thomas for this version of the excellent library, which
will contribute to the unification of the functional landscape in Boost. At
the same time I would like to mention a couple of names which are related to
the development of Phoenix since its inception, and without those
Boost.Phoenix wouldn't have happened.

- Joel de Guzman, who wrote the initial V1 and since then was actively
involved and driving the development of Boost.Phoenix
- Dan Marsden, who is the main developer (with Joel) of Phoenix V2
- Angus Leeming and Daniel Wallin who contributed to V2
- Eric Niebler, the author of Boost.Proto, who contributed to V2 and was
actively driving and supporting the development of V3, he also mentored
Thomas Heller's GSoC project.

Regards Hartmut
Review Manager

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