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Subject: [Boost-announce] [gsoc15] Please help rank GSoC 2015 student projects
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-03-27 17:12:11

Dear Boost Community,

The Google Summer of Code 2015 proposals for Boost are in, and we
deeply appreciate the community's help in ranking the proposals
to merit before the 6th of April.

To vote, the process is easy:

1. Go to this page and
click the
"Log in" button under Mentors and Administrators.

2. Now click "Create Profile" on the same page. Note that even if you
registered last year, you must register again in 2015. Fill in the
Note that after submitting it drops you at "Edit Profile", which is

3. Click "My Dashboard", then "Connect with organisations".

4. Choose "Boost C++ Libraries".

5. In the message box, write this: "I am a member of the Boost
and the email(s) I normally post to boost mailing lists with is
filling in the email address(es) you normally use to post to boost
lists. This lets us verify that you are indeed a long standing member
the Boost community.

6. Once we approve your request, you will get an email with the
"Welcome as organisation member". You can now return to the Dashboard
the GSoC website where there will be a new item "Proposals".

7. Work your way through as many of the 33 proposals as you can. You
score them using the stars at the bottom of each proposal page,
care to read any comments by the mentors and students if present.
try to rank some of the lowest scored proposals, every year we get a
of people who only rank the top five and don't bother with the rest.

Try to score on the priority basis of:

(i) ability to write quality C++, using the programming competency
test or samples of programming the student supplied.

(ii) proposal quality and your best estimate of the student's
understanding of how best to solve the problem at hand. Bear in mind
a gifted programmer with a strong work ethic but poor English may
appear to not understand the problem as well as native English
speakers, this is why we have asked for examples of their programming

(iii) if the student came early to the mailing lists to ask for help
writing the proposal (the mentors who helped them with their
proposals have usually indicated this in the private comments).

(iv) usefulness/appropriateness of the feature or work being

Remember a good GSoC is more about getting promising new engineers
into Boost and C++ than necessarily getting code to pass Boost peer
review in a single summer.

8. Optional: If a proposal looks especially great to you and you feel
to mentor a student this year, please slide the "wish to mentor"
Just because a proposal already has willing mentors does NOT mean you
should not add yourself - if you can substitute for an existing
mentor, that may mean we use that mentor for another proposal.

As you know, Google Summer of Code is usually worth $42,000 - $48,000
Boost each year, and a successful GSoC raises our visibility and
reputation in the wider open source community. Our thanks to you in
advance for taking the time to vote.

Niall Douglas
Boris Schäling

Boost C++ Libraries Google Summer of Code 2015 admin

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