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Subject: [Boost-announce] [boost] [review] Metaparse Review Result
From: Christophe Henry (christophe.j.henry_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-07-11 15:49:46

Hi all,

First of all, the final result.
Metaparse is formally unconditionally accepted into Boost.

We had 11 reviews, all "Yes" votes. 2 "No" reviews based on formality were
later reversed to a "Yes".

The review was lively, with a general agreement that the library is very
useful, the design of high quality and the documentation great.
Here are some noticeable quotes which helped me take my decision:
- "thank you Abel for submitting such an amazing library.
The quality of the documentation and code is wonderful and
it has been a pleasure to review Metaparse." (Michael Caisse)
- (Design) "Of high quality. Based on the MPL paradigm, but I don't view
this as a problem." (Peter Dimov)
- "Part of the role of boost is to push compilers to the limit (and
sometimes beyond).
This library certainly has the capabilities to do so." (Roland Bock)

Worth noticing is the review of Gordon Woodhull. I myself wrote a new
front-end for MSM using Metaparse, and other use cases were very welcome
and Gordon managed to produce one for his compile-time graph library by the
end of the review, which I found impressive (for both the reviewer and the
library). Thank you for investing time in this review.

Another important factor for me for acceptance is how well the author is
going to maintain his library. We have too many abandoned libraries.
Abel went out of his way to oblige remarks and demands made by reviewers.
Long before the reviews he also had obliged my many critics and demands. He
also showed himself open for experiments. All this while keeping a very
calm and professional tone.
This is for me a very good sign of a library which will be well-maintained.

Finally, there were some repeated important comments which I see as
adressed to the rest of Boost that the library is targeted towards library
From Peter Dimov:
> - Are you knowledgeable about the problem domain?
"I'm not sure if anybody is. :-)"

It all depends on us, library and potential library writers to become
knowledgeable about this domain and make this library move from potentially
useful to very useful. We need to use it to write more cool libraries.
I notice a recurring theme where Boost would be dead or on the way to doom
etc etc.
Some very popular Boost libraries are now part of the Standard, and so
what? We need to make new ones.
Metaparse is one of them. Let's build more, using it!

Yes Reviews(11):

Andrzej Krzemienski

Bjorn Reese

Gordon Woodhull

Lee Clagett

Louis Dionne

Michael Caisse

Paul A. Bristow

Peter Dimov

Roland Bock

Edward Diener

Niall Douglas

I want to thank all the reviewers who invested their time in this review
and those who provided some usefuls comments.

I also want to thank Abel for presenting this great library.

Christophe Henry

Metaparse Review Manager

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