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Subject: [Boost-announce] Synapse library review ongoing
From: Edward Diener (eldiener_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-12-07 17:07:05

We are in our final 5 days of the review of the Synapse library.

We have had some good discussions about Synapse for those willing to
review the library, but we really need much more from those who are, or
might be, interested. Without wishing in any way to limit reviews or
discussions to specific topics I would like to suggest to those
interested in the library that they might address soem of these
particular questions about Synapse in their commenst or review:

1) Is the documentation understandable for programming with Synapse ?
2) Does the library successfully achieve what it says it can do,
providing a non-intrusive signal/slot system ?
3) Is the Synapse syntax easy enough for a programmer to use ?
4) Does testing show that Synapse works with user's code ?
5) Is the design of the library clear enough and flexible enough to make
working with it viable ?

While I realize that much of the discussion has been about particular
end-user's preferences for a signal/slot library or Synapse's way of
doing signal/slot programming versus Boost Signals/Signals2, all
important topics in a review, it would be helpful if reviewers or
commenters would consider Synapse for what it does do, even if they
might not personally find a use for it in their programming tasks.


Synapse is a signal programming library, similar to Boost Signals2 and
the signals-slots system in Qt. The main difference is that Synapse is
non-intrusive: the address of any object of any static type whatsoever
can be passed to synapse::emit to emit a signal. This makes it possible
to emit Synapse signals from objects of third-party types as well as
system objects (e.g. standard FILE pointers, HWNDs, etc.) or any other
object that can be converted to a pointer.

The library has been formatted to fit the Boost directory and namespace
structure. To get Synapse, clone
'' into a directory called
'synapse' under your boost/libs directory.

See the tutorial at
'', or read full
documentation at ''. You
can also view the documentation locally from your clone of the library
at boost/libs/synapse/doc/index.html.

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