The Boost Library Incubator ( is a web site conceived, designed, and implemented to alleviate the log-jam of libraries waiting to be reviewed by Boost. It helps new library submitters through the process, encourages development of an initial user base, and accumulates feedback in the form of comments, test results and Boost style reviews.

The Boost Steering Committee has voted to recommend using the Boost Library Incubator as a prelude to getting a library reviewed by Boost.  The Steering Committee recommends libraries currently in the Boost review queue be added to the Incubator by their developers.

The relationship between Boost and the Incubator is purely informal, but there as several things Boosters can do to help make the Incubator a success.  Authors can submit their libraries and respond to feedback.  Users can experiment with submitted libraries and provide feedback on their experience.  WordPress/php developers can contribute enhancements to the Boost Library Incubator implementation.

The steering committee extends its thanks to Robert Ramey for launching the Boost Library Incubator!

--The Boost Steering Committee