Hi all,

Extended review period for Boost.Compute library has ended. Here are the review votes for inclusion (+ means include, - means do not include, +/- means conditional include or "probably include, not quite sure"):

+ Denis Demidov
+ Sebastian Schaetz
+ Pavan Yalamanchili
- Gruenke,Matt (+ if more backends will be supported)
+ Asbjørn (mini-review/comments from a library user)
+ Thomas M (a lot of suggestions)
+ Paul A. Bristow
+ Belcourt, Kenneth
+ John Bytheway
+/- Yiannis Papadopoulos (there's already Bolt/Thrust for beginner and pure OpenCL for pros)
+/- Vicente J. Botet Escriba (better docs and more performance tests)
+/- Jason Newton (there was no explicit answer to the question "shuld be this library accepted into Boost?" but the review was positive in general)

To sum up: Compute library becomes part of the Boost.

Great thanks to all for the reviews and comments! Huge work was done and the issues raised are essential for library success.

P.S.: Happy new year everyone!
P.P.S.: Hope I did not miss some review! In case of any error, please let me know!

Best regards,
Antony Polukhin