Boost release 1.58.0 beta 1 is now available from SourceForge


This release contains three new libraries:
• Endian: Types and conversion functions for correct byte ordering and more regardless of processor endianness.
• Sort: includes spreadsort, a general-case hybrid radix sort that is faster than O(n*log(n))
• WinAPI: 

For details of what's in the release, see
Note that the links to files on this web page are for the final release - use the SourceForge link above to get the beta files.

Please download the beta, give it a try, and report any problems you encounter.

There is a bug with the build scripts; you have to specify the address-mode and architecture to b2.
I used:
        ./b2 address-model=64 architecture=x86

(this will be fixed before the final release)


-- The Boost Release Team