On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 11:11 AM, Marshall Clow <mclow.lists@gmail.com> wrote:
Boost release 1.60.0 beta 1 is now available from SourceForge.

For details of what's in the release, see http://www.boost.org/users/history/version_1_60_0.html

Note that the links to files on this web page are for the final release - use the SourceForge link above to get the beta files.

Please download the beta, give it a try, and report any problems you encounter.

Known issues:
* Errors when building Boost.TypeErasure for older versions of Visual Studio.
* Boost.Test fails when building on Darwin with gcc 4.9.2

The files (and associated md5s) are:
MD5 (boost_1_60_0_b1.7z) = 63530c9594b24f56e5df79d910c9daeb
MD5 (boost_1_60_0_b1.tar.bz2) = 29af12a1028536219a21517e953df4eb
MD5 (boost_1_60_0_b1.tar.gz) = 74df7f5eb5e32f3a92b6141af3c6f541
MD5 (boost_1_60_0_b1.zip) = 90c25c34b64eb6cc88845ec5372938d7


-- The Boost Release Team

The corresponding windows binaries for msvc-8.0 (SP1), msvc-9.0 (SP1), msvc-10.0 (SP1), msvc-11.0 (Update 4), msvc-12.0 (Update 5), and msvc-14.0 (RTM) in 32 & 64 bit versions are now also available from sourceforge.