Hello Everyone,

Today concludes the Outcome library review period (Fri-02-June-2017).

Great thanks to all that invested so much time and effort to explore in such a disciplined and professional manner the dark corners of error/exception composition and a paradigm/API/implementation proposed by the Outcome library.  Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Reviews sent to the public list are the following (PLEASE contact me if I've missed your review):

*- Paul Bristow (Tue-23-May)
*- Daniz Bahadir (Wed-24-May)
*- Robert Ramey (Wed-24-May)
*- Peter Dimov (Sun-28-May)
*- Emil Dotchevski (Sun-28-May)
*- Vicente J. Botet Escriba (Tue-20-May)
*- Andrzej Krzemienski (Wed-31-May)
*- Gavin Lambert (Wed-31-May)

My understanding is that as the review concludes today, further reviews are permitted only until the end-of-day UTC.  In addition, many notable discussions and topics raised during the review period will also contribute to a final submission decision and summary report.

Preparing this report will take some time.  I've accumulated extensive notes, but my intention is to review (re-read) all discussion in the context of the "story-arc" and (in some cases) the shifted opinions of some persons during the course of the review (as topics were clarified and alternatives were explored).

I assume other "satellite discussions" will continue (e.g., evolution of std::expected<>, suitability of wide vs. narrow contract in APIs, generalization of variant<>, etc.), which I will endeavor to continue to follow as the Outcome Review summary report is prepared (because these continued discussions may further clarify issues previously raised during the Outcome Review); but no more reviews can be accepted after the review period closes.

Thank you all (again) for your (often thankless) contributions to the community, where the personal sacrifice in time and effort (and perhaps stressful emotional investment) is quite obviously extensive in many cases.