We don't have enough reviews yet, so we're extending the review by two weeks.

Please review this small and useful library!

From the original announcement:

The formal review of JeanHeyd Meneide's out_ptr library starts Sunday, June 16th
and ends on Wednesday, June 26th.

out_ptr is a library for making it easy to interoperate between smart pointers and traditional C-style initialization and allocation interfaces. It also enables doing so in a way that allows library authors to opt into speed optimizations for their smart pointers that give them performance equivalent to typical C pointers (see benchmarks (https://github.com/ThePhD/out_ptr/blob/master/docs/out_ptr/benchmarks.adoc) and the Standard C++ proposal for more details).

Online docs can be found here:


The GitHub repository is available here: 


Also, there is an associated standards proposal:


We encourage your participation in this review. At a minimum, please state: 

- Whether you believe the library should be accepted into Boost 
- Your name 
- Your knowledge of the problem domain 

You are strongly encouraged to also provide additional information: 

- What is your evaluation of the library's: 
 * Design 
 * Implementation 
 * Documentation 
 * Tests 
 * Usefulness 
- Did you attempt to use the library? If so: 
 * Which compiler(s)? 
 * What was the experience? Any problems? 
- How much effort did you put into your evaluation of the review? 

All issues discussed during this review will be tracked on the library's 
GitHub issue tracker at https://github.com/ThePhD/out_ptr/issues