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Subject: Re: [Boost-bugs] [Boost C++ Libraries] #348: program_options bug?
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Date: 2007-07-06 17:28:23

#348: program_options bug?
  Reporter: nobody | Owner: vladimir_prus
      Type: Support Requests | Status: closed
 Milestone: | Component: None
   Version: None | Severity: Showstopper
Resolution: wontfix | Keywords:
Changes (by vladimir_prus):

  * status: assigned => closed
  * resolution: None => wontfix
  * severity: => Showstopper


 The 'first' example works fine for me on gcc, so I'd expect a borland-
 specific bug. Given that CBuilder6 was followed by at least 2 other
 releases from borland, I'm not going to look into this bug myself

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