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Date: 2007-07-21 14:50:18

#1101: [MPI] Const-incorrectness in boost::mpi::status
 Reporter: daniel_kruegler | Type: Bugs
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 There are two member functions in class boost::mpi::status which lack
 const qualifications although they are immutable:

 (a) bool cancelled(): The documentation says:
 "Determine whether the communication associated with this object has been
 successfully cancelled."
 The implementation delegates to MPI_Test_cancelled, which according to
 the internet documentation does use it's MPI_Status* argument is IN

 (b) template<typename T> optional<int> count():
 Here also the docs don't imply a mutable operation. The implementation
 (under some circumstances) to MPI_Get_count, which also does not modify
 from a user perspective. The same function *caches* the result in the data
 m_count, but this is the classic example where this member should be
 mutable therefore.

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