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#1159: bibliography support
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 All (especially documenters),

 I seem to be rewriting much of the Boost.Graph documentation as I
 slowly translate it into quickbook format, and augment it with
 concepts from my SoC project. However, I've run into a "small-ish"
 missing feature in quickbook that I might need to do the job
 correctly: bibliography support. Boost.Graph has a (growing)
 bibliography of about 60 different references.

 What I would like to be able to do is something like this...

 # somewhere in graph.qbk
 [include bibliography.qbk]

 The bibliography should contains a set of structured records that
 define bibliographic entries that we can cite in then documentation
 proper. It would probably be worthwhile to support a number of
 different entry types.

 # book references
    [authors [Aho, A.V.] [Hopcroft J.E.] [Ullman J.D.]]
    [title Data Structures and Algorithms]
    [year 1983]
    [publisher Addison-Wesley]

 # journal articles
    # ...
    [journal [title Software - Practice and Experience] [volume 25]
 [issue 8]]
    [year 1995]
    [date Aug]
    [pages 863-889]

 # conference proceedings
    # ...
    [conference 23rd International Conference on Software Maintenance]
    [location Paris, France]
    [year 2007]
    [date Oct 2-5]

 There are probably others to support (i.e., theses and
 dissertations). Citations should be easy since they're basically just
 links. A citation might look something like:

 [bibref aho_1983_data_structures_and_algorithms]

 This could generate something like:


 Although there are a number of different represent references. They
 could simply be numbers.

 Does this sound like something that might be useful for quickbook? I
 was thinking about trying to write it myself, but I'm a little busy
 between SoC and my narrowing down a dissertation topic. I still might
 give it a shot, but I don't really know anything about the back-end

 Thoughts? Comments?

 Andrew Sutton

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