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#1417: Regresson tests hang in Darwin (Tiger)
  Reporter: jrp_at_[hidden] | Owner: grafik
      Type: Bugs | Status: new
 Milestone: Boost 1.35.0 | Component: Regression Testing
   Version: Boost Development Trunk | Severity: Showstopper
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Comment (by John Pavel <jrp_at_[hidden]>):

 Groping slightly in the dark, I came across this
 which points to a number of known issues:

 weak symbols are too expensive

 C++ uses weak symbols to tell ld and dyld to coalesce. Any weak external
 symbols in a linkage unit will cause dyld to do extra work to assure there
 is only one copy of that symbol in the process. The current implementation
 uses an O(n^2) algorithm.

 No fast thread local storage

 pthread_getspecific() is currently the only option

 No dl* way to load memory based mach-o images

 NSCreateObjectFileFromMemory is deprecated. Some programs decrypt or
 synthesize mach-o files in-memory. There should be a dl* based API which
 can use a mach-o file that exists only in memory and not on disk.

 Spurious “( Throttling respawn:“ messages in Console

 If you alter or replace an OS dylib that participates in the dyld shared
 cache, dyld will continually try to update the shared cache. But the
 rebuilt shared cache will not take effect until you reboot. Until the
 reboot, launchd may throttle (pause) update_dyld_shared_cache.

 I don't know whether Boost uses dylib.

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