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#1038: "<" and ">" should be excaped in xml_oarchive
  Reporter: r.buergel_at_[hidden] | Owner: ramey
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Comment (by r.buergel_at_[hidden]):

 Ok, i looked it up in the XML specs (
 20060816/ ), what is valid xml and what not.

 <b class_id="1" class_name="B<int>" ...> is invalid, because the left
 angle bracket is forbidden in attribute values.
 The escaped variant <b class_id="1" class_name="B&lt;int&gt;" ...> is

 The case you described above ( <B&lt;int&gt; ...>...</B&lt;int&gt;> ) is
 clearly invalid. But it didn't work before my patch and it doesn't work
 after applying it, because the xml_oarchive throws an exception, which
 states "Unrecognized XML Syntax".

 So, currently it is possible to write invalid xml with you archive without
 getting trapped. But reading that invalid xml-file causes the application
 to fail.

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